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Offline IP Locate retrives the country of any IP address (See all)
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IP address is a unique address that is granted to each and every machine connected directly to Internet. It may be static or dynamic. Offline IP Locate is a tool that can tell you the country name where any given IP is located. This can be useful in finding out the real country of people that you chat with, confirming that you are connected using a proxy, and many other uses.

The great advantage of this program is that it doesn't require being connected to Internet; it reveals the country name and its abbreviation instantly when you click the 'Locate' button. I also liked that the program keeps a history of recently queried IP addresses on the drop down menu.

The program validates the user input; if you enter invalid IP address, it will notify you to input a correctly formatted IP address.

It would have been better if the program could reveal the city where the IP address is located and its location on the map. Another missing feature is the ability to convert hostnames or domains into IP addresses which could help in finding where a website is hosted. Another cool feature that should have been included is the ability to find out the ISP details of the IP.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Does not show city
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